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to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. britney google news that matters. made some minds. this is news live from bird lane brazil sends troops to its border with venezuela clashes break out between brazilian locals of venezuelans as tensions over migration come to a head more than a thousand venezuelans split fled the border town down head back to their price and his country. also coming up at least a dozen are dead after
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a powerful earthquake struck once again jolted indonesia the tremors on least fresh panic in the region hit just two weeks ago by deadly quake so we'll go live to the island of lombok and after nearly a decade greece leaves the bailout program. after years of almost two hundred ninety billion euros greece this emerging from its bailout however even if the troika leaves there risks a. i'm sorry welcome to the program brazil has announced that it will send troops and extra policemen to a border town which saw clashes between venezuelan migrants and the local population now the incident over the weekend has highlighted the many pressures facing other south american nations struggling to cope with an air. influx of
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venezuelans who are fleeing a growing crisis in their country as a result some countries have now decided to impose border controls to check this flow. it was hoped that drove great saudis to great had to sell her home and leave her children behind in venezuela. hope that she would soon be reunited with her husband in peru and send for her children. but huddled with hundreds of other venezuelans hope is starting to fade. you know today i'm like we arrived and i have no hope whatsoever of continuing i have two children i sold my house i have nothing anymore i can't go back to venezuela with empty hands i don't know what. the new travel restrictions cut gets of by surprise like many others at this ecuadorian border crossing so far a tense calm has settled on the checkpoint but elsewhere in south america tempers are flaring brazilians in the border town of park i'm
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a turned on venezuelan immigrants over the weekend forcing hundreds of newcomers to flee back across the frontier the violence broke out after an alleged attack on a local restaurant owner but tensions have been building for years as a huge number of venice whalen's have poured into brazil. back on the ecuadorian border gates is bunkering down for the long haul. do you think of. a look at what will do whatever is necessary because we can't go back to the old. were you with a little confidence in the reforms at home migrants here are holding out hope for a better future just over the border. and joining us now from the venezuelan capital caracas is journalist oscar schlanger welcome to you oscar i just want to address something that we saw in our report there how venezuelans are facing travel restrictions in country as a neighboring venice wella what options do people have now. well
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despite the false. winners well they're facing now the odds for standing are pretty grim for many because adding to the food and medicine shortages that have been waning for years there's also an energy crisis that has many cities without electricity and water transportation crisis has become another factor making my fear for gold and when it's lana and the high crime rates also make leading the country a much better option despite the obstacles that can come up in the border but this is the biggest gratian of people in the hemisphere. at the u.n. so we are expecting more people to flee in the meantime the president of venezuela nicolas maduro have announced a series of economic measures to try and stabilize the country walk us through what they are and what the response to them has been. living here measures include taking off a five zero so off the current currency and introducing new build into the system
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it also includes new gas prices higher taxes and a minimum minimum wage sixty times higher than what it is now starting in september now economists agree this is a blow to the private sector that will worsen the economic crisis has increased unemployment and push inflation to levels nobody anywhere have ever seen i.m.f. already forecast when it's going to reach one thousand percent inflation but here and with these measures some say they will force short selling or the opposition is calling for a national strike on the day and we're expecting more people to read the country if unemployment slides. off this link or with the very latest from the venezuelan capital cracka thank you so much well now we're going to head to turkey where a court has lifted a travel ban on a german journalist who was arrested and held last year on terrorism charges.
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misato lu and seventeen other turkish defendants are accused of terrorist propaganda and membership of the extreme left and k l p party which is designated as a terrorist organization in turkey a journalist with the leftist a news agency was released from custody last year but wasn't allowed to leave the country until now. and for more we can go now live to w correspondent dorian jones who has the very latest from istanbul good morning to you daryn what more can you tell us about this case. well it does seem that there has taken. by surprise he put in this petition to ask to be travel ban to be lifted because he wanted to place a three year old child in a kindergarten in germany and the court agreed and now she's allowed to leave she's thanked all her lawyers and supporters on
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a tweet saying that she's very happy about this move and she's looking forward to placing her child in a kindergarten in germany as soon as possible so what's behind the turkish government certainly lifting the travel ban. what it takes to govern insists this is purely judicial matter they say that you do series independent but we do see a pattern here early this month to greek soldiers were released from jail who are facing espionage charges after straying across the turkish border that was seen as a gesture to improve relations we have greece also this month we've seen the the release of the head of the turkish branch of amnesty international tunick coach the game was a gesture it seems towards europe and this coincides with turkey's terrible relationship and deepening crisis with the united states and turkey does seem to be looking for your support particularly because it is facing the prospect of a financial crisis as relations continue to worsen with the u.s. and in fact the turkish president reject what he's juta fly next month for
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a state visit to germany and the release of german citizens in turkey is seen as a key demand from berlin and those german citizens who are being held give us the size of the scope how many are there daryn do we even know. difficult to confirm the actual number we do believe that there are still seven german citizens that are being detained. consider as political grounds alone has long accused of using its citizens as hostages political hostages it is a similar criticism that has been made by the european countries and as well the united states and this has been a really a major. point of contention between. the release of top of tolo and her lifting of a travel ban is seen as a major gesture just before the president heads for a state visit to berlin dorian jones in istanbul thank you. let's get a quick check now some other stories that have been making news around the world
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the newly elected pakistan prime minister imran khan has announced that the government will begin an austerity drive to tackle the country's debt in his maiden t.v. speech after becoming prime minister khan also promised to introduce an islamic welfare system to resist poverty. millions of muslims have begun the annual hodge pilgrimage to mecca in saudi arabia over the next few days pilgrims will perform a number of rituals including climbing mount arafat and the symbolic stoning of the devil the hodges one of the world's biggest gatherings. and dozens of elderly south koreans are heading to where unions with family members in north korea as part of a recent thaw in relations between the two countries across border meetings are the first in pretty years they bring together families divided by the korean war. well least a dozen people have been killed in the indonesian islands of lombok and so after
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a fresh series of earthquakes rocked the region a six point nine magnitude quake off the coast of the north east was one of several powerful tremors a triggered landslides damage to buildings and spread panic this just two weeks after the worst earthquake in the island's recent history killed four hundred sixty people. it is a scene that is becoming familiar to residents in tall a-g. makers on the island of lombok the aftermath of yet another powerful an earthquake this measuring magnitude six point three the first in a series to strike the island over a matter of hours damaging buildings and causing panic. i was on the third floor it was very strong and we could feel the building shaking all of the lights went out. but. the initial interest quake's epicenter was in law books northeast further tremors came next then
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a stronger and much shallower quake this time measuring six point nine hits off the island's northeast coast here a landslide triggered on the mountain where hikers had been trapped in july quake a week later on august fifth the worst quake in the island's history killed more than four hundred sixty people. there with terrorists who tales of business as well drilled in the task of getting people out quickly. toward everyone ran out of the hotel but no one pushed their way through they evacuated calmly. fearing further tremors these hotel guests are preparing for a sleepless night i sayit hospitals to moving patients to relative safety. and joining us now on the line from lombok island is hosni hosni from the international federation of the red cross thank you so much for joining us we just heard there the earthquakes on sunday they knocked out the power across most of
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lombok including where you are we understand how are people coping. we'd like to know if you have power we've heard that you don't and how you might be coping with that and how people in the in the region might be coping. yes the there were you are quoted yesterday starting in the afternoon. with the point pretty much knew to quit and followed likewise. to choke off to it. at night at eleven pm local time here in long bulk we had quite a big one. point nine magnitude quake and the tram are working well one strong here will cause a problem block and i'm in my power at the moment and was not to be there with my
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right close colleagues we rushed outside of the building quickly as the power went out and we were just like in the dark i couldn't see anything trying to get out of the building was not and you're with the red cross as we mentioned how are the relief efforts progressing given the circumstances that you've just described. you know at the end fire many critics quite challenging the right you know knowing that . there's been a lot of. aftershocks recorded hundreds of them by and. to some remote areas has been really challenging in the sense that there's a lot of local land like going on and our edgewater couldn't get through somebody on our air and we've been going on targeting more remote areas because we keep hearing reports that many people out there in remote areas have not received a report and this last week out i joined the solution to one of
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them are as you know one local time gas and we were able to find one remote area and that was the first time where local communities were. receiving aid from even in some red cross at the time we were elbow to organize quite some get through through motorbikes and that's our priority really to get into more rural areas but we more on the choke at the moment it can bring our work over here to read more remote areas where people have lead in the polls in that area what we thank you so much for describing how you're doing your work amid that challenging set of circumstances amid this fresh round of quakes on these indonesian islands joining us from long block as he has me from the red cross thank you. you're welcome.
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well now we're going to head to india where a break in the weather is allowing rescuers to help those affected by catastrophic flooding in the southern state of carolla more than three hundred fifty people have died in the past eleven days after heavy rains caused the worst flooding in the state in one hundred years a little over eight hundred thousand people are in relief camps and now much needed help is beginning to reach them. as the rains finally subside and carola help is pouring in from throughout india. volunteers and charities are working at a fevered pace racing to get aid to the hundreds of thousands of victims still taking shelter at rescue centers. for this cause your decided to come together and help each other that's just as they need. for the calamity that is happening in get along so we're delivering it can be done we can do we've tried every best for many victims the aid can't come soon enough. that i get among them is it any wonder
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we live lost my house i've lost everything i had. i'm staying in a relief camp and i need help but in the. vital supplies are being dropped in by helicopter to deal with the growing shortage of food and water. but that in itself present stain gers. with some prefer him to stay on higher ground. and this is still a delicate and difficult rescue operation. fast flowing water and mudslides as well as being deadly have also uprooted trees and blocked off key access to roads. and the waters are the only danger confronting survivors local authorities fear disease could quickly spread if it dims remain in crim for relief camps. the former world number one novak djokovic has become the first player to win all
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mind masters one thousand tournament's with victory over roger federer in cincinnati the thirty one year old serb beat federer six four six four wilton champion joke of it have lost the cincinnati final to the swiss on three previous occasions over turning now to a major milestone for grief then michael jones has the story indeed a major milestone in this era because the country emerges the last of three bailout programs today for the past eighty is athens had been dependent on age from the european union the european central bank and the international monetary fund the loans given to greece amounted to two hundred sixty billion euros in return greece had to implement painful austerity measures and reforms and now the time has come for greece to finance itself independently on the capital markets again but how realistic is that. finally back on their feet financially no more cash
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injections or bailout funds that's the greek government goal after all the economy has been growing since last year mainly due to greek exports big gaining ground last year greece exported goods worth twenty eight point nine billion euros exports have risen by thirty five and a half percent since two thousand and ten but the lion's share is in refined petroleum products a worrying concentration experts say greece itself has no domestic oil reserves it only process is imports and then exports them small businesses are also important to the greek economy but they hardly make any money many banks are still sitting on bad loans and investors still don't trust the upswing they're also shying away from greece's high taxes and labor costs are well below the e.u. average wages and taxes have risen sharply in greece since two thousand they were at a high point when the crisis really hear it in twenty ten then they sank again they've
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picked up again since last year making greece less attractive for companies in the domestic economy greeks need to earn more money and spend more of it again almost one in five are still unemployed greece has suffered through economic austerity and now the country needs to start its recovery. and for more on this major milestone for greece today let's rope in our correspondent and he can i say in athens and in brussels good to have both of you on the show i would like to start with you anthony because obviously big day for greece today question is are people there in the mood to celebrate the end of the bailout program. well as he said it is a momentous moment here for greece but there's no one here celebrating because there is continued hardship in store for these people. and this is because while the numbers have started to look good while the macro indicators are
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looking much better for this economy it still remains weak and this in these and this upbeat in this improvement has yet to trickle down to the really come to me and to the purses of the greek people and this unless the unless investments kick in and jobs are created this misery will continue to linger on don't forget we're dealing here with exhausting years of austerity that shrunk incomes by thirty percent one in three businesses have have gone bankrupt and more than a million people remain unemployed all right some mixed feelings there in brussels mixed feelings or it in athens what about the mood in brussels then. the move to in brussels is relatively upbeat because in a sense of course the european union thinks this is a sort of victory if we look back to two thousand and fifteen the euro and the
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whole euro area was in a serious wobble that the greek crisis was not just a blip on the arisan it was a really deep conflict within the eurozone and so you know things ok we avoided the worst be avoided for instance a greg that was something that was being talked about in two fifteen and so now it everybody knows this is a compromise everybody knows things could have been dealt was better over those eight years of bailouts and of course the e.u. things of succession of greek governments who are supposed to have made a lot of mistakes but still now we're at the point we're at and there is a sliver of hope and of course brussels talks up the success and says yes greek will be a great hope they will be capable to stand on their own feet economically so just very briefly there how reliable is athens now because the temperature figures in order to join the euro in the first place of course everybody remembers that
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remembers that a lot of creative bookkeeping however now they said the government has shown itself to be quite a reliable partner after the initial problems and everybody hopes that the elections next year will soar up if maybe the same or in other government that will also be reliable everything hinges on that greece has to stay on course that's what the european union says and cannot leave reforms all right. last question to you of course first of all is grex it really off the table and what does the government in athens have to do in order to keep it that way and keep greeks happy within the euro. well any and every economist i've been speaking to says that that prospect of greg is off the table at least for now but the baby out exit greece comes at a very precarious moment there is a turkey that's facing a financial meltdown italy's economy isn't doing well and gregg's it is on the
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charts so don't forget greece is still a very weak economy and that's why you have a lot of economists here even the central bank governor saying that greece should not lead on its reforms that yes it has gone through in his reach this important milestone but any. any any show in any semblance of letting up on its reforms may invite a new crisis right ante carousel that there in athens about that obviously in brussels thank you so much to both of you as we have the much dreaded grex it greece exiting the euro zone could be averted and while greece will now stand on its own feet again financially it still has some major hurdles to take before its economy can be called healthy new years of a stereotype of left their mark on society and in particular the greek health sector. a pharmacy in
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a typical athens neighborhood most of those who live here belong to the middle class costas antonopoulos has known many of his customers for years. it used to be rare that someone had a problem paying but that's changed with cuts to pension benefits and the rise in drug co-pays things have gotten tighter for more customers if you the many that we had to have money. or. here were they didn't know but if they would have had my birth. i feel like giving you the medicine we have you come by with the money we send them over the army. three kilometers away on land that once belonged to an airport is the headline ican clinic people can come here when they don't have enough money for their medicine when the clinic was founded in two thousand and eleven it was intended to help the thousands who had lost their health insurance when they lost their jobs but today it sees more pensioners and the chronically ill this man has diabetes.
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i don't have enough money to live and now i need very specific drugs but i can't pay for them their own no the helicon clinic was envisioned as a temporary emergency care center no one expected it would still be critical after seven years. these are patients who have come for years. ever since we opened. every one or two months some need further medical examinations. others have psychological problems and need additional help from a psychiatry or a therapist. says it's just. an examination room is available for the most important cases now in august it's filled with medicines to be distributed donations right here daily from across europe from cancer medicine to baby food.
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everything needs to be sorted and labeled more than one hundred doctors pharmacists psychologist and twice as many other volunteers keep the doors open and paid your ghost fee just blame spending cuts above all for the desolate situation but also insufficient government planning. all these years we still don't have a map for health care we have to know what will be needed where and how we can ensure medical services only then can the health system in guarded on the right path system. the clinic was supposed to close in june but following international protests it will stay open and everyone will still be needed. to asia now where markets have risen on optimus in the reported u.s. china talks this week could ease the trade dispute between the world's two biggest economies the two countries are holding talks on tuesday and on wednesday that aim
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to end. the conflict before us president donald trump and chinese president xi jinping meet in november according to media reports investors are also holding out hope that the negotiations could head off further u.s. tariffs on sixteen billion dollars worth of chinese goods due to take effect on thursday china has already said it would respond in kind. and here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you. brazil's president has deployed troops to a border town which still clashes between venezuelan migrants and the local population more than a thousand to venezuelan migrants were forced to flee back across the border. and don't forget you can always get the news on the go just download the app from google play all from the apple store and that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and you can also use the g w at app to send us photos edge videos and you're watching
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on his unique love the nature of the. next one. nineteen sixty eight the end of the wrong story. on august twenty first one thousand nine hundred sixty eight the reform movement came to a bloody end. more soft states led by the soviet union invaded czechoslovakia. the dream of socialism with a human face was crushed to the tank trail. in a sixty minute. journey which. any time any place. to sing music
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video never. happened at the back of the. songs to sing along to download tickets to come from super. to. have their huge cost is put into active exercises are you talking about that d w dot com slash documented on facebook in the app store. jammin for free w. . o. and a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me piece of crazy this week we begin in turkey which is in the grip of a profound economic crisis in just one year the turkish lira has lost half of its
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value with president wretch up tired had one blaming everyone but himself and now he's threatening to impose tough time ots home anyone who.


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